River City Custom Cabinetry creates a blueprint for each piece of your project, then provides you a proposal with detailed descriptions of the construction, materials, and cost. If a piece is damaged in the future, such as a drawer, we can duplicate any part of your project from these blueprints. We will also provide a schedule for your project from start to finish, including installation.

Custom Cabinet Design

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design in JacksonvilleThe next part of the design process is measuring. Damon and one of our engineers will visit the job site whether it is a remodel or new construction. We will take precise measurements, meet with the homeowner, general contractor, designer, and any subcontractors to assure a cohesive relationship that will help your project progress smoothly.

After your initial consultation and measuring, our designers and engineers work together using the measurements we’ve taken and all the ideas we gathered from our previous meetings, and begin designing your cabinetry to your exact specifications.

After our engineers and designers plan your cabinetry, we have the measurements of every piece of wood needed to build your cabinets. Every piece is made for your space, whether that’s your kitchen, closet, or entertainment center.

Any decorative pieces or curved moulding is hand carved by one of our master craftsmen. Circular cabinets, ornate mantle pieces and banisters are some of the pieces we hand craft from raw wood. The design possibilities for your cabinetry are endless with our experienced craftsmen.

We create each cabinet, each drawer to hold what you want, where you want it. And because your cabinetry is custom and not selected from pre-made cabinet sizes, there are no unused corners, false panels or wasted spaces.

All of the custom cabinetry is built in our state of the art plant. Our employees are knowledgeable crafts men with different skill sets to guarantee the client workmanship that is from years of experience in the custom cabinetry industry. At River City Custom Cabinetry we utilize some of the most advanced machinery and technology in woodworking.

When you leave River City Custom Cabinetry after your initial consultation, you will feel comfortable that we have a complete understanding of your vision, and your dream kitchen or bath will be on its way to creation.

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