River City Custom Cabinetry staffs skilled installers are knowledgeable not only in the construction of your cabinetry, but also in the professional installation of your new cabinets. As the construction of your new cabinetry is completed, the entire set of cabinets is staged and checked for proper alignment and dimension to assure a perfect and trouble free installation.

Custom Cabinet Installation

Custom Cabinet Installation in Jacksonville, FloridaIn our staging department, a River City Custom Cabinetry installer will assemble your cabinetry at various times throughout the building process to make sure all pieces fit and work correctly, and check for any flaws before it moves into finishing or staining.

When all the pieces have been finished and dried, your cabinetry is staged again and inspected by the installers as well as the plant manager. Before your cabinetry leaves the facility, it is packaged in a protective wrap and is then ready to be delivered to its final destination.

Upon arrival to the job site, the cabinets are staged in their respective rooms. Our in-house installers then begin the installation of the cabinets. After the cabinet cases are in place, they begin to apply all moldings and install all specialty hardware. Finally, the doors and hardware are installed and your vision is now reality.

We also collaborate with electricians, plumbers and any other necessary subcontractors to make the installation process as smooth as possible. We have worked with most granite and glass companies in the city and can recommend one to you based on your design needs.

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