When we refer to hand crafted custom cabinetry, we mean it. Of course we automate much of the initial cutting, but once we have all of the individual pieces of your cabinets ready for assembly and finishing, our experienced craftsmen take over.  Hand sanding, staining, painting and all assembly and final finishing is performed by our custom cabinet makers at our plant in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Hand Crafted Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinet Craftsmanship by River City Custom CabinetryThe next step is hand crafting your River City Custom Cabinetry project. After our engineers and designers have planed your cabinetry and created a blueprint, we have the measurements of every piece of wood needed to build your cabinets. This information is loaded into our CNC Router which cuts all the pieces for your cabinetry.

The CNC Router at River City Custom Cabinetry is one of the most advanced technologies in woodworking, and is the only 24’ bed CNC Router in Jacksonville. Wood sheets can be loaded on one end while the router cuts a second sheet on the other end which reduces the cut time from 30 minutes per sheet, to only 6 minutes.

Cabinet_Door_assemblyThe CNC Router uses nested base manufacturing and optimizes all the individual cabinet pieces for complete use of each sheet of wood and increases yield by 20 percent. It will also catalog any unused sections for use in future projects. It houses 24 different router tools and is capable of drilling up to 18 holes at once for adjustable shelves, hinges and drawer slides. In a few minutes all parts for a cabinet can be cut, drilled and have the edges ready for jointing all on one machine. From here your cabinets move into hand crafting and finishing, while the doors are milled and hand assembled.

River City Custom Cabinetry’s master craftsmen will cut the rails and stiles for your doors, to be fitted onto the main wood or glass panel. Rubber bumpers are compressed in the joint grooves to allow for expansion and contraction without damaging the doors. Your drawers are completed in the same fashion and also moved to finishing.

finishing2In our finishing department, all joints are puttied, then sanded for a smooth finish. If you’ve chosen an antique or weathered finish, our craftsmen will hand scrape and distress your cabinetry before and after it goes to staining or painting.

Every paint or stain color chosen is custom mixed. All cabinetry is hand wipe-stained then dye stained by one of our specialized tradesmen to achieve the custom color you have selected. We use conversion varnish for most of our stained cabinetry. Our paint is a pigmented conversion varnish. It requires more experience to work with than traditional lacquer, but it provides a thicker, more durable finish in fewer coats without yellowing. Conversion varnish is also more resistant to kitchen stains like tomato sauce and mustard as well as common household cleaners. The finish coat is sprayed in one of two ventilation rooms to ensure a smooth finish. After all your cabinetry is stained, painted and finished it goes to staging where it is prepared for installation.

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